Moving on….

6 Jul

It is time to hop back into this blogging thing. I’ve had a lazy streak and it is almost time to start training for the next marathon (Richmond) and the next (PARIS!!!!!)! You can follow my journey to the next start line at my new blog: Journey to the Start line.

What’s up with the new blog title? When I started blogging I tagged myself as a slow runner and this title just seems a little negative to me now. How can I ever increase my speed if I keep saying I’m slow? Time to ditch the Slow Lane Runner title and move onto something positive. I will give you a glimpse into my training, life off the running trail, and my new journey with Weight Watchers. See you at the start line…

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Life Since Aug 20th

15 Oct

My last post was August 20th- Where on Earth have I been? Since my last post I have:

Finished the VA Beach Rock-n-Roll Half!

Start Line Excitement

Start Line Excitement

Completed my FIRST 20 Mile Training Run! Before taking a blogging hiatus I posted a weekly training update. You might remember I was using the Hanson Method. I choose the method because the longest long run was only 16 miles. Yes- only 16 miles. I adjusted our calendar to bump up at least one run.  This one probably one of the best training decisions since it provided awesome mental race prep!



Worked a little overtime and stressed over homework! I am brushing up my authoring system skills and have spent too much time making sure all my assignments are PERFECT! Yeah, I know lame excuse for not keeping up with my training updates! 😉


Played too much putt putt! Who doesn’t love a good game of putt putt at night after resting up from your long weekend run? I have yet to actually win a game, but still enjoy a fun date night outdoors!


Well that’s all I have time for tonight! I took a night off from MCM training to let my body rest so I MUST get back to watching Under Cover Boss- my current Netflix addition! I will let you all know about my marathon training adventures very soon!

MCM Training Week Seven

20 Aug

Marine Corps Marathon Training

Week 7- Aug 4- Aug 10

I am letting time slip away without posting about the week’s training. Can I blame it on the sore knees? Even if they were not sore until this week- not two weeks ago? 😉 I have plenty to blog about but I can’ t seem to get my hands on the key board.

Sunday: This run really put us to the test- two eight mile runs back to back! I survived and completed  the 8 miles  in 1:32!

Monday:  Nothing special just four miles around my neighborhood in 43:04.  I did have a kid ask how far I planned to run and he was blown away by my answer! It’s the little things!

Tuesday: We headed back to the track for Tuesday’s 8X600 with 400 rest. Still felt like a fish out of water. I’m not sure why I feel so out of place at the track. Maybe I just do not like the idea of running in circles???

Wednesday: OFF

Photo on 8-19-13 at 9.43 PM

Fun pic just because it’s an off day!

Thursday: I’m not going to lie, I do not remember this run. I’m guessing we ran close to home. Any ways I do know that it was 5 miles in  57:00!

Friday: Four mile Friday! Before heading to the beach we knocked out 4 miles  in 45:28.


Saturday: So how do you plan a race into the training madness?  I had planned to join the local running group for 3 miles and save the remaining for a 5k Saturday night. Who plans a Saturday night 5k? The weather was terrible and the 5k was postponed leaving me with only 3 miles completed in 31:56 instead of the planned 6.

A Pearl Izumi representative  joined us for the AM group run and I completed the 3 miles  in a pair of Pearl Izumi M3s. I liked the feel of the shoes, but it would take several runs to warm up to the different feeling.  I liked the High-density post at midfoot designed  for pronation control.


MCM Training Week Six

11 Aug

Marine Corps Marathon Training

Week 6- July 28- Aug 3

Wow- I can’t believe how fast training is passing by! October seems so far away, but soooo soooo soooo close at the same time. This past week seemed like the first “real” week of training since we dropped down to ONE rest day. ONE REST DAY- life will never be the same again! 😉

Sunday: I’m just going to rename Sunday- LAZY DAY. The weather was very mild so we put off running until mid morning- major mistake. We completed 6 miles 1 hr and 16 minutes on empty stomachs as the sun melted the fog away.  This run was a major eye opener that I must pay attention to how I fuel for runs, even short runs.

Monday: Monday is no longer a rest day. We took it easy this week and headed out for a bike ride instead of running the planned 4 miles. After a little googling we decided to use the 4:1 ratio to keep up with the training schedule and covered 16 miles at the battle field in1 hr 6 mins.


Tuesday: Tuesday was our first time at the track for 12×400  with a 400 recovery. The track makes me feel like a fish out of water. I know which way to run and that’s about it. I really know more, but it just feels so foreign to me. I pushed through the 400’s and recovered with a 400 walk. I’m guessing the 400 recovery should be a jog? I wasn’t a fan of the track, but I did love our post track dinner- Sweet Potatoe Jerk Shrimp from Runner’s World. It might get it’s own post someday!


Runner’s World Jerk Shrimp

Wednesday: OFF DAY!!!!!!!!

Thursday: Question of the day: Brave the possible downpour or head to the gym?  After debating where to run we headed to the gym to avoid getting soaked. I love running in the rain, but Thursday’s rain insane! We made the right decision and logged 5 miles on the treadmill in 54: 10! I’m not a fan of the treadmill. It’s like a game to me, so I run way too fast and end up walking more than I would like. Guess I did get a little speed work….


Friday: Four mile Friday started off early with four laps around my neighborhood followed by a light house tour. I took it easy and run/walk four miles in 49:18.  Since we had the day off I went with a coworker to check out the Cape Henry Light House on Ft. Story! Something neat to see if you are ever in the VA Beach area!


Saturday:  Ok- things are starting to get real- no more 3, 4, or 5 mile runs on a Saturday! We joined our local running group for a 3 mile run and added 5 to complete the planned 8 miles in 1:36. The boy and I had a great run. We are actually figuring out how to get our miles in “together”- run the trails in opposite directions! This allows us to run at our own pace and kind of keep up with each other since we will pass at some point on the path!

MCM Training Week 5

1 Aug

Marine Corps Marathon Training

Week 5-July 21-21 2013

Some day I will post my weekly recaps on time…..

Sunday: Do hardcore runners sleep in on training days? Probably not! Sunday morning started off with running talk, but we quickly decided to turn off the alarm for a little R&R! After watching one too many Netflix shows and grocery shopping the boy and I headed over to a local neighborhood off the James River to knock out 5 miles.  Does this make us runner creeps running in a random neighborhood?  We completed  5 miles through the tree shaded streets and made it back to the car as the sky hit the ground! We completed the there and back loop in 56:55.

Monday: Off Day! RIP Monday Off Days- We loose our second off day next week.

Tuesday: Battlefield Tuesdays! You all know I love my local battlefield trails. The history, trees, and a few hills along the path. Its hard to find a good hill so close to the ocean and bay. We completed the 5 mile loop in 59: 35.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 8.00.42 PM

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Some days I do a mini rain dance in my office hoping I can get a few rain clouds for my afternoon run! I left work Thursday and spotted the clouds coming my way- YES! After a yuck day in the office I quickly tied my shoes and hit my neighborhood 1 mile lap determined to make this a run a PR! I just needed a “go-me” moment! I completed  4 Miles in 39:18- first time ever completing 4 miles under 40!



Friday: What’s up with this crazy nice weather? It was the last week of July and only 73 degrees at 10AM!We didn’t get outside until 10AM {we’re lazy}  for a Friday 5 Miler. Our mid-day run was completed in  52:27.IMG_2495

Saturday: Our shoes hit the pavement early for the day’s 4 mile run !  Saturday was packed with family, fun, and babies turning 1! I completed the  4 miles in 43:10!

MCM Training Week 4

24 Jul

Marine Corps Marathon Training

Week Four- July 14-20 2013

Sunday: Sunday was kicked off with a 5 mile run though the area’s  battlefield. I completed the loop in 56:59 during the cooler morning temps with a running buddy!  The battlefield is one of my favorite local running hot spots. The area offers plenty of shade, no traffic, and varying terrain- what’s not to love!


Battlefield Beauty

Monday: Off

Tuesday: The boy and I headed back to battlefield for an evening 5 miler. I forced my way around our my 5 mile loop in  1:00:29. I was a little bummed about my time, but proud I finished with the heat and humidity!

Wednesday: I enjoyed a lazy off day on Wednesday! We used the free time to gather tomatoes, onions, and basil from the garden for Skinny Taste’s Naked Turkey Bruschetta Burger– OMG AMAZING!


Thursday: Thursday evening included a quick 3 miles in 32:13! Did you notice  MCM’s  instagram post? I  can’t believe the race is in 100 days! 100days….


OMG only 100 days!!!!

Friday: The work week was concluded with a easy 3 miles in 33:03, the last three miles until Oct 26! I was hoping to beat Thursday’s time, but was almost one minute off.

Saturday: Saturday was packed with family, babies, CostCo, and 5 miles! I mixed up my usual neighborhood run to include a few “hills” and finished in 59:24!

Issue of the week: The high temps and humidity are crazy on the VA peninsula! I set my alarm for morning runs, but I usually wake up feeling under hydrated for a summer run. My question is how do you hydrate for a morning run without sleep walking to the bathroom every few hours?

MCM Training- Week Three

15 Jul

Marine Corps Marathon Training Week Three

#MCM2013 training is moving along! I burnt several laps around my neighborhood this week- several as in every mile recorded. The miles were a mix of humid hot and soaking downpour rainy runs.

Sunday: 4 miles in 45:54

Tuesday:4 miles in 44:45

Thursday:4 miles in 43:19 (Super Soaking Downpour Run)

Friday: 4 miles in 46:05

Saturday: 4 miles 45:21

My favorites from the week:

1. I’m in love with the idea behind Chia seeds, but where can I buy them in bulk? I stopped by Sam’s Club over the weekend and left feeling like a freaky health nut! Apparently no one in the store knew what Chia seeds are- I was sent to the garden section while searching the store! Like a ChiaPet….

Image 6

Chia seeds are the best in an apple PB wrap!

2. TJ Maxx has the BEST workout gear! The BEST y’all! They have unusual brands that you can’t pick up from your average sporting goods store! Last week I ran across an MPG tank that was made to match my Mizuno Waves and it has a zip pocket! I’ve never heard of MPGsport gear but this tank has sent me on a mad hunt for seconds!


Running in style.