MCM Training Week Seven

20 Aug

Marine Corps Marathon Training

Week 7- Aug 4- Aug 10

I am letting time slip away without posting about the week’s training. Can I blame it on the sore knees? Even if they were not sore until this week- not two weeks ago? ūüėČ I have plenty to blog about but I can’ t seem to get my hands on the key board.

Sunday: This run really put us to the test- two eight mile runs back to back! I survived and completed  the 8 miles  in 1:32!

Monday: ¬†Nothing special just four miles around my neighborhood in 43:04. ¬†I did have a kid ask how far I planned to run and he was blown away by my answer! It’s the little things!

Tuesday: We headed back to the track for Tuesday’s 8X600 with 400 rest. Still felt like a fish out of water. I’m not sure why I feel so out of place at the track. Maybe I just do not like the idea of running in circles???

Wednesday: OFF

Photo on 8-19-13 at 9.43 PM

Fun pic just because it’s an off day!

Thursday: I’m not going to lie, I do not remember this run. I’m guessing we ran close to home. Any ways I do know that it was 5 miles in ¬†57:00!

Friday: Four mile Friday! Before heading to the beach we knocked out 4 miles  in 45:28.


Saturday: So how do you plan a race into the training madness?  I had planned to join the local running group for 3 miles and save the remaining for a 5k Saturday night. Who plans a Saturday night 5k? The weather was terrible and the 5k was postponed leaving me with only 3 miles completed in 31:56 instead of the planned 6.

A Pearl Izumi representative  joined us for the AM group run and I completed the 3 miles  in a pair of Pearl Izumi M3s. I liked the feel of the shoes, but it would take several runs to warm up to the different feeling.  I liked the High-density post at midfoot designed  for pronation control.



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