MCM Training- Week Two

13 Jul

Week Two MCM2013 Training

Totally should have posted this five days ago…

Sunday: Four sweaty miles completed at our local park. I just discovered a five mile bike loop around the park. It’s not my favorite due to the frequent water puddles and bug bites.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Two rainy miles in 19:40. Best run ever- I love running in afternoon rain showers.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Happy 4th of July! I started the day off with a local five mile race. Three miles were scheduled, but I couldn’t pass up a run through the Yorktown Battle Field. My time was 57: 28.


You can spot sights like this around the battle field. So much history!

Friday: Three miles around the neighborhood. I have a one mile lap close to my house, so three laps down for the day. Nothing too exciting to report here- just 3 miles in 33 mins.

Saturday: Three hellish trail miles. I have a love hate relationship with this trail- every minute is packed with ups and downs, turns, and “stairs.” I jumped for joy after completing three miles in 38 mins!


Old picture and doesn’t show the challenge very well.


MCM2013 Training-Week One

2 Jul

23-29 June 2013- Marine Corps Marathon Training Week One

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 7.54.30 PM

Good Evening Folks! Week one is now over and I must say it was EASY! Hope I am saying this in a few more weeks!

About the plan: I am testing out the Hanson Method. The method seems to fit my “slower” pace and work schedule AND no 20+ mile runs! Hello- sign me up! I’m currently reading Hanson Marathon Method–  book review coming someday! Until then you can read about the method here, here, and here. Have you ever trained for a marathon? What method did you use?

MondayWednesday: Nothing real- plan did not kick off until Thursday. I did run a 5k Wednesday morning for my office’s Org Day. I didn’t win, but did win a $50 raffle prize!

Thursday: Three miles complete! Three hot as hell miles- my toes didn’t hit the pavement until 3PM! I know-bright idea!

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 4.01.22 PM

Friday: Off Day!

Saturday: Three miles! I met up with a local running group and knocked out the miles early before the rain hit!

See super easy week. Feels like I am playing marathon training hooky, but I know the miles will start racking up soon!

Week One Questions:

Sunscreen- What type of sunscreen do you use while running? I am currently using Coppertone SPORT, but after 20 mins it starts to create yucky looking/feeling white clumps. Do you ever reapply mid run?

MCM2013 Training Day One

27 Jun


It has finally arrived- the first day of marathon training! My afterwork 3 miler marks the first three training miles for my first marathon!!!!

More to follow…

PS: I had a picture packed post but forgot to click save. Oh well….

Twas The Week Before MARATHON TRAINING….

24 Jun

Ok people- what do you do the week before marathon training officially begins? Do you take a break and act like you do not own a sports bra or running kicks? Do you stick to your normal routine? This week [Thursday] marks the first day of marathon training!  Here’s what I was up to last week…

Sunday: I went kayaking with the dolphins! Y’all it was soooo much fun- wish I had pictures to show! I headed down to VA Beach with a coworker early Sunday morning to meet up with Chesapean Outdoors. After a quick introduction and paddling lesson we were out in the calm water past the rocky waves. The tour guide was super sociable and helpful throughout the whole tour- he told us a little about the VA Beach area and pointed out the different characteristics/actions of the dolphins! I am totally hooked on kayaking now- wonder where my next adventure will be?

Monday: I made chocolate chip cookies after completing what felt like a marathon of afternoon errands. After work I rushed to the post office to mail my teacher certificate renewal back to Alabama- hope it makes it there in time!  [A little something about me: I once wanted to be an elementary teacher, but after completing the degree I changed my mind and now try to keep my k-6 certification current as a backup plan.] Once my check was in the mail I headed to Sam’s and walked out with the BEST beach umbrella ever!! I’m now officially ready for Furlough Fridays by the beach!


Tuesday: Gym Day- well it was more like 45 mins. I have discovered the TV built into the elliptical at my local gym- HELLO where were they hiding this at for the past year? I’m too cheap for cable, so this really makes my day when I can flip the channels and workout!!!

Wednesday: See all the weeds around the massive zucchini? Well they had overstayed their welcome and had to go! We headed out to the garden for a little weed pulling party with our garden friends [several of us share the garden plot] and worked our thighs with each pull! I love watching the garden grow- its like our veggie child. 



Thursday: Shagging on the Beach- Get your mind out of the gutter!! The small town of Yorktown, VA hosts a fun beach party every Thursday night until late Aug. The local Shag Club provides free dance lessons while a fun local cover band plays. I must admit that the crowd is a little old, but what’s not to love about old men in tie-dyed shirts dancing to that old time rock-n-roll? 


Friday: Rain showers, Zaxby’s, and 17.25 miles down historic Route 5! Friday has become our junk food/bike day- what a mix right? This week we headed to Jamestown to catch the VA Capital Trail that takes riders down historic roads from Jamestown to the Chickahominy River. Our ride was followed by greasy heart clogging chicken strips from Zaxby’s- such a guilty pleasure. 

What’s your guilty post workout pleasure?

Do you take a break a week or so before training?

Too Many Burgers…

11 Jun

Recently my life has included one too many burgers. Most were turkey burgers topped with veggies, but they were all still burgers. The boy and I have fallen head over heels for home cooked burgers lately- like twice a week. We must put an end to the madness! Our fridge is now packed with veggies and nothing that could even come close to burger!
IMG_2223Monday: Veggie Sandwich

I have a mini love affair with veggies sandwiches. Mine usually include a base layer of spicy hummus topped with feta,cucumbers, lettuce, red onions, and red pepper! Tasty and super easy!

Tuesday: Farfalle with Mushrooms and Spinach

I spotted this heart heathy receipt on  the American Heart Association’s Pinterest dinner board. I am not a big fan of mushrooms, but thought I would give this one a try- explore something different!

Wednesday: Pear Salad with Feta and Walnuts

It’s summer and summer always makes me crave a crisp salad topped with fruit! Strawberries are my usual go to salad topper, but I like the sound of the pears, feta, and walnuts! Seems like a great combination!

Thursday: Fresh green juice and baked sweet potatoes

Fresh green juice can knock the burger cravings out of me right? We have discovered the perfect juice mix and try to make it a least once a week! I like to call our mix the  A&A zinger  (Is that nerdy?).

  • 1 Orange
  • 1 in ginger
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 or 3 apples
  • 3 celery stalks
  • 4 or 5 handfulls of Kale (we get the bagged stuff)

Friday: Whole Foods

We are also attempting to cut out a few of the sweat treats, so we will probably look like these kids who just had candy taken away!

What’s on your menu this week? Do you like mushrooms? Yeah- what do you make with them?

Run for the Dream- Volunteer Report

5 Jun

run-for-the-dream-logo.ashxLast Sunday started super early- like 4:40 AM early! Did I have a race to prepare for? No, I was up ready to volunteer along the Run for the Dream Half Marathon course in Williamsburg, VA. I considered running the race, but decided to participate  in a different way- as a course marshal.  This was my first time volunteering for a half marathon, or any other race.

I arrived at William & Mary at 5:30 AM to receive my directions and race day duties. After parking I found volunteer check-in and chatted with the other volunteers while we waited on the buses to arrive, so we could be placed along the route. I was placed a little after the 3 mile marker/water stop.


Waiting on the runners to zoom around the corner!

The bus dropped me off around 6:45, so I had a little time to pass before cheering on the runners! While waiting I familiarized myself with the area to ensure I knew where any cars might come from.  Luckily I was placed on a dead end street, so I didn’t have any traffic issues to worry about! Around 6:50 several hundred road bikers zoomed by on the other side of the road. I am not sure if there was a bike race or if it was just a large bike group?

Is there a Williamsburg bike group?

Is there a Williamsburg’s bike group that I MUST know about?

I spotted flashing lights coming around the corner around 7:20. Following the lights were the hand cyclist! They were amazingly fast. Shortly after the cyclist were the race leaders. It was an awesome experience to see the intensity and dedication these runners were putting into the race! It was the motivation I needed to put more effort into improving my pace!


Three cycilist passing by.

First runner passing by.

First runner passing by.

I cheered until the last runners passed my area! I was amazed at all the runners- the fastest, slowest, and all those in-between!

Would I volunteer again? Yes-however I would like to try another volunteer position. Maybe  something closer to the finish line…

Have you ever volunteered at a local race?

Breathtaking Hills and Views {SB Wine Half Results/Review}

2 Jun

Race Bling

Running races like the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon has truely helped me understand the beauty of running. The SB Wine Half was packed with breathtaking views of the wine country. So far this year I have raced through Disney,  Yorktown, Washington DC, and now beautiful California!

I completed the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon a few weekends ago! The race started at 7AM in the California morning fog. I was kind of excited the sun was still hiding behind the dense fog, but it didn’t stay that way for long. How cool are the start line wine bottles?


Cheesing at the start line.

The first few miles went by super fast and by mile three the sun was making a bright debut. We spotted several beautiful fields and a lady walking a turkey before hitting the best views of the race.

Beautiful Farms

Beautiful Farms

The course was mostly flat, except for two hills. The first was called Corkscrew Hill, and was the one thing that stood between mile marker seven and the best views of the race. I planned to run all of the race, but decided half way up Corkscrew Hill that walking was probably best if I want to run across the finish line!

Thanks for the warning..

Thanks for the warning..


Half way up the hill.


We made it up!

The second half of the race was by far my favorite! The rolling hills were easy on the legs and provided amazing views. Once we hit the last mile Adam took off. I loved that he stuck with me until the last mile, we usually get split up around mile three. The race finished in downtown Solvang,  a small wine country community. I crossed the finish line at 2:57, not bad considering I walked up two hills and stopped at the bathroom around mile six! Solvang also hosted an awesome after party including a wine tasting, but we skipped the party and met up with family for a nice lunch in Los Olivos.


<– To the finish line!

Would I run another wine country race? Yes! I had a great time running though the rolling hills and open vineyards. The SB Wine Half offered the best race views I have experienced.

What I would change? If I could be race director for the day I would amp up the water stations. Water and sport drinks were offered about every two miles, but the cups were about 1/4 full. I had to take two to three cups to ensure I was properly hydrated.