Life Since Aug 20th

15 Oct

My last post was August 20th- Where on Earth have I been? Since my last post I have:

Finished the VA Beach Rock-n-Roll Half!

Start Line Excitement

Start Line Excitement

Completed my FIRST 20 Mile Training Run! Before taking a blogging hiatus I posted a weekly training update. You might remember I was using the Hanson Method. I choose the method because the longest long run was only 16 miles. Yes- only 16 miles. I adjusted our calendar to bump up at least one run.  This one probably one of the best training decisions since it provided awesome mental race prep!



Worked a little overtime and stressed over homework! I am brushing up my authoring system skills and have spent too much time making sure all my assignments are PERFECT! Yeah, I know lame excuse for not keeping up with my training updates! 😉


Played too much putt putt! Who doesn’t love a good game of putt putt at night after resting up from your long weekend run? I have yet to actually win a game, but still enjoy a fun date night outdoors!


Well that’s all I have time for tonight! I took a night off from MCM training to let my body rest so I MUST get back to watching Under Cover Boss- my current Netflix addition! I will let you all know about my marathon training adventures very soon!


One Response to “Life Since Aug 20th”

  1. Clarinda October 19, 2013 at 1:08 pm #

    I haven’t played putt putt in YEARS! Sounds so fun. 🙂 Good luck at MCM!!!

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