Hi- I’m Amanda, the girl behind Slow.Lane.Runner.  I’m so glad you found my blog!  I am an Alabama girl currently living on the Virginia Peninsula.   My running career started while  living in a small Texas/Arkansas border town with the Couch to 5k program. I never actually ran the 5k, but it did plant the running bug.  The running bug has taken over and I am now running half marathons!


Funny Race Story:

2008 Turkey Trot 5k– Huntsville, Al: Funny Story- My mom and I had the bright idea to run a local elementary school’s first annual Thanksgiving 5k. Little did we know what we signed up for! It was cold, rainy, and we were dressed in all cotton! I am still not sure what our times were- but I do know they were slower than a man walking backwards. Yep- a guy walked the whole 3.1 backwards [and faster].


Favorite Race:


2012 Richmond Half Marathon– Richmond, VA:  Richmond is dubbed the Friendliest Marathon/Half marathon in the country! I trained with the Sport Backers Training Team and loved every minute of it!



3 Quick Things About My Life

1.I’m an Instructional Designer- I help design and development distributed learning.

45073_509635481179_84344_n2. You can always spot me by my bright yellow headband [most of the time]- now to find a neon yellow sweat band for the summer!

Image 1

3. This is the boy- you will hear more about him!



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