MCM Training Week 4

24 Jul

Marine Corps Marathon Training

Week Four- July 14-20 2013

Sunday: Sunday was kicked off with a 5 mile run though the area’s  battlefield. I completed the loop in 56:59 during the cooler morning temps with a running buddy!  The battlefield is one of my favorite local running hot spots. The area offers plenty of shade, no traffic, and varying terrain- what’s not to love!


Battlefield Beauty

Monday: Off

Tuesday: The boy and I headed back to battlefield for an evening 5 miler. I forced my way around our my 5 mile loop in  1:00:29. I was a little bummed about my time, but proud I finished with the heat and humidity!

Wednesday: I enjoyed a lazy off day on Wednesday! We used the free time to gather tomatoes, onions, and basil from the garden for Skinny Taste’s Naked Turkey Bruschetta Burger– OMG AMAZING!


Thursday: Thursday evening included a quick 3 miles in 32:13! Did you notice  MCM’s  instagram post? I  can’t believe the race is in 100 days! 100days….


OMG only 100 days!!!!

Friday: The work week was concluded with a easy 3 miles in 33:03, the last three miles until Oct 26! I was hoping to beat Thursday’s time, but was almost one minute off.

Saturday: Saturday was packed with family, babies, CostCo, and 5 miles! I mixed up my usual neighborhood run to include a few “hills” and finished in 59:24!

Issue of the week: The high temps and humidity are crazy on the VA peninsula! I set my alarm for morning runs, but I usually wake up feeling under hydrated for a summer run. My question is how do you hydrate for a morning run without sleep walking to the bathroom every few hours?


One Response to “MCM Training Week 4”

  1. michele August 1, 2013 at 2:56 pm #

    Looks like your training is going well!! 100 days?!?! Wow! I remember the 100 day mark last year! Double digits now!!

    How I hydrate for a morning run? Hmmm… I make sure I hydrate well the day before, I cut myself off about an hour before bedtime to avoid getting up all night, and I typically drink half a water or powerade that morning before I step out. You could always wear a hydration belt when you are on the morning run. (not sure if that helps) Oh and avoid anything too salty the day before, I learned that the hard way!!

    Hope that helps!

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