MCM Training- Week Two

13 Jul

Week Two MCM2013 Training

Totally should have posted this five days ago…

Sunday: Four sweaty miles completed at our local park. I just discovered a five mile bike loop around the park. It’s not my favorite due to the frequent water puddles and bug bites.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Two rainy miles in 19:40. Best run ever- I love running in afternoon rain showers.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Happy 4th of July! I started the day off with a local five mile race. Three miles were scheduled, but I couldn’t pass up a run through the Yorktown Battle Field. My time was 57: 28.


You can spot sights like this around the battle field. So much history!

Friday: Three miles around the neighborhood. I have a one mile lap close to my house, so three laps down for the day. Nothing too exciting to report here- just 3 miles in 33 mins.

Saturday: Three hellish trail miles. I have a love hate relationship with this trail- every minute is packed with ups and downs, turns, and “stairs.” I jumped for joy after completing three miles in 38 mins!


Old picture and doesn’t show the challenge very well.


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