MCM Training Week 5

1 Aug

Marine Corps Marathon Training

Week 5-July 21-21 2013

Some day I will post my weekly recaps on time…..

Sunday: Do hardcore runners sleep in on training days? Probably not! Sunday morning started off with running talk, but we quickly decided to turn off the alarm for a little R&R! After watching one too many Netflix shows and grocery shopping the boy and I headed over to a local neighborhood off the James River to knock out 5 miles.  Does this make us runner creeps running in a random neighborhood?  We completed  5 miles through the tree shaded streets and made it back to the car as the sky hit the ground! We completed the there and back loop in 56:55.

Monday: Off Day! RIP Monday Off Days- We loose our second off day next week.

Tuesday: Battlefield Tuesdays! You all know I love my local battlefield trails. The history, trees, and a few hills along the path. Its hard to find a good hill so close to the ocean and bay. We completed the 5 mile loop in 59: 35.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 8.00.42 PM

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Some days I do a mini rain dance in my office hoping I can get a few rain clouds for my afternoon run! I left work Thursday and spotted the clouds coming my way- YES! After a yuck day in the office I quickly tied my shoes and hit my neighborhood 1 mile lap determined to make this a run a PR! I just needed a “go-me” moment! I completed  4 Miles in 39:18- first time ever completing 4 miles under 40!



Friday: What’s up with this crazy nice weather? It was the last week of July and only 73 degrees at 10AM!We didn’t get outside until 10AM {we’re lazy}  for a Friday 5 Miler. Our mid-day run was completed in  52:27.IMG_2495

Saturday: Our shoes hit the pavement early for the day’s 4 mile run !  Saturday was packed with family, fun, and babies turning 1! I completed the  4 miles in 43:10!


One Response to “MCM Training Week 5”

  1. michele August 1, 2013 at 6:13 pm #

    Don’t you just love to run in the rain? I got caught out in the rain this morning doing my 6 miler and LOVED it! And I actually saw several people out running! Rain can’t keep us away!

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