Twas The Week Before MARATHON TRAINING….

24 Jun

Ok people- what do you do the week before marathon training officially begins? Do you take a break and act like you do not own a sports bra or running kicks? Do you stick to your normal routine? This week [Thursday] marks the first day of marathon training!  Here’s what I was up to last week…

Sunday: I went kayaking with the dolphins! Y’all it was soooo much fun- wish I had pictures to show! I headed down to VA Beach with a coworker early Sunday morning to meet up with Chesapean Outdoors. After a quick introduction and paddling lesson we were out in the calm water past the rocky waves. The tour guide was super sociable and helpful throughout the whole tour- he told us a little about the VA Beach area and pointed out the different characteristics/actions of the dolphins! I am totally hooked on kayaking now- wonder where my next adventure will be?

Monday: I made chocolate chip cookies after completing what felt like a marathon of afternoon errands. After work I rushed to the post office to mail my teacher certificate renewal back to Alabama- hope it makes it there in time!  [A little something about me: I once wanted to be an elementary teacher, but after completing the degree I changed my mind and now try to keep my k-6 certification current as a backup plan.] Once my check was in the mail I headed to Sam’s and walked out with the BEST beach umbrella ever!! I’m now officially ready for Furlough Fridays by the beach!


Tuesday: Gym Day- well it was more like 45 mins. I have discovered the TV built into the elliptical at my local gym- HELLO where were they hiding this at for the past year? I’m too cheap for cable, so this really makes my day when I can flip the channels and workout!!!

Wednesday: See all the weeds around the massive zucchini? Well they had overstayed their welcome and had to go! We headed out to the garden for a little weed pulling party with our garden friends [several of us share the garden plot] and worked our thighs with each pull! I love watching the garden grow- its like our veggie child. 



Thursday: Shagging on the Beach- Get your mind out of the gutter!! The small town of Yorktown, VA hosts a fun beach party every Thursday night until late Aug. The local Shag Club provides free dance lessons while a fun local cover band plays. I must admit that the crowd is a little old, but what’s not to love about old men in tie-dyed shirts dancing to that old time rock-n-roll? 


Friday: Rain showers, Zaxby’s, and 17.25 miles down historic Route 5! Friday has become our junk food/bike day- what a mix right? This week we headed to Jamestown to catch the VA Capital Trail that takes riders down historic roads from Jamestown to the Chickahominy River. Our ride was followed by greasy heart clogging chicken strips from Zaxby’s- such a guilty pleasure. 

What’s your guilty post workout pleasure?

Do you take a break a week or so before training?


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