Run for the Dream- Volunteer Report

5 Jun

run-for-the-dream-logo.ashxLast Sunday started super early- like 4:40 AM early! Did I have a race to prepare for? No, I was up ready to volunteer along the Run for the Dream Half Marathon course in Williamsburg, VA. I considered running the race, but decided to participate  in a different way- as a course marshal.  This was my first time volunteering for a half marathon, or any other race.

I arrived at William & Mary at 5:30 AM to receive my directions and race day duties. After parking I found volunteer check-in and chatted with the other volunteers while we waited on the buses to arrive, so we could be placed along the route. I was placed a little after the 3 mile marker/water stop.


Waiting on the runners to zoom around the corner!

The bus dropped me off around 6:45, so I had a little time to pass before cheering on the runners! While waiting I familiarized myself with the area to ensure I knew where any cars might come from.  Luckily I was placed on a dead end street, so I didn’t have any traffic issues to worry about! Around 6:50 several hundred road bikers zoomed by on the other side of the road. I am not sure if there was a bike race or if it was just a large bike group?

Is there a Williamsburg bike group?

Is there a Williamsburg’s bike group that I MUST know about?

I spotted flashing lights coming around the corner around 7:20. Following the lights were the hand cyclist! They were amazingly fast. Shortly after the cyclist were the race leaders. It was an awesome experience to see the intensity and dedication these runners were putting into the race! It was the motivation I needed to put more effort into improving my pace!


Three cycilist passing by.

First runner passing by.

First runner passing by.

I cheered until the last runners passed my area! I was amazed at all the runners- the fastest, slowest, and all those in-between!

Would I volunteer again? Yes-however I would like to try another volunteer position. Maybe  something closer to the finish line…

Have you ever volunteered at a local race?


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