Breathtaking Hills and Views {SB Wine Half Results/Review}

2 Jun

Race Bling

Running races like the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon has truely helped me understand the beauty of running. The SB Wine Half was packed with breathtaking views of the wine country. So far this year I have raced through Disney,  Yorktown, Washington DC, and now beautiful California!

I completed the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon a few weekends ago! The race started at 7AM in the California morning fog. I was kind of excited the sun was still hiding behind the dense fog, but it didn’t stay that way for long. How cool are the start line wine bottles?


Cheesing at the start line.

The first few miles went by super fast and by mile three the sun was making a bright debut. We spotted several beautiful fields and a lady walking a turkey before hitting the best views of the race.

Beautiful Farms

Beautiful Farms

The course was mostly flat, except for two hills. The first was called Corkscrew Hill, and was the one thing that stood between mile marker seven and the best views of the race. I planned to run all of the race, but decided half way up Corkscrew Hill that walking was probably best if I want to run across the finish line!

Thanks for the warning..

Thanks for the warning..


Half way up the hill.


We made it up!

The second half of the race was by far my favorite! The rolling hills were easy on the legs and provided amazing views. Once we hit the last mile Adam took off. I loved that he stuck with me until the last mile, we usually get split up around mile three. The race finished in downtown Solvang,  a small wine country community. I crossed the finish line at 2:57, not bad considering I walked up two hills and stopped at the bathroom around mile six! Solvang also hosted an awesome after party including a wine tasting, but we skipped the party and met up with family for a nice lunch in Los Olivos.


<– To the finish line!

Would I run another wine country race? Yes! I had a great time running though the rolling hills and open vineyards. The SB Wine Half offered the best race views I have experienced.

What I would change? If I could be race director for the day I would amp up the water stations. Water and sport drinks were offered about every two miles, but the cups were about 1/4 full. I had to take two to three cups to ensure I was properly hydrated.


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