May 20-25 Goals

21 May

Nothing crazy this week- just  the usual runs, bike ride, and hopefully a gym visit. I am attempting to slowly add in a little strength training, but can’t seem to get myself in the gym. I am sure there is a way to mix in a little  strength training while enjoying to almost summer weather! This week’s goals:

Monday: 3 Mile Run

Tuesday: 10 Mile Bike Ride [if the weather is nice]

Wednesday: Gym Day/Strength training

Thursday: 3 Mile Run

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Early morning run

Did I stick to the plan?

Spoiler Alert: I did not stick to last week’s goals.  However, a short 3.5 mile run did happened between rainy day naps and juice drinking! We decided to try the Dr. Oz/Joe Cross 3 Day juice diet after enjoying way too many Santa Barbara treats! The 3-day diet prescribed 5 daily juices and one meal of fruits and veggies. Pre-dinner Sunset Blend was my favorite drink- who knew beats, sweet potatoes, apples, and bell peppers  mixed into an amazing tasting juice.


Thursday: Two mile Walk {Rain, thunder, and major wind kept me indoors pushing a shopping cart around Sam’s club. Big store and huge carts- totally counts for a short walk.}

Friday: 10+ Mile bike ride {I hate to say it but this didn’t happen, but we did go see the new Star Trek movie and started a 3 day juice diet!}

Saturday: Local group 3-5 mile run {3.5 Mile Walk/Run without the running group. I was totally bummed to wake up to thunder, lighting, and an email cancelling Saturday’s morning run due to the weather. Once the weather cleared up we headed out to the trail for a quick run.}

Sunday: Something light and easy followed by a little time in the garden {At least Saturday’s run happened…}


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