May 6-12 Goals

6 May

This week’s goals include a little running or biking followed by a long weekend sipping glasses of California wine!

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 4 Miles or 10 Mile Bike Ride

Wednesday: Yoga and Vaca Packing.

Thursday: Airport Sprints 😉

Friday: Sightseeing in sunny California!

Saturday: Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon {Follow Me on Twitter– I will step up the automatic time/distance tweets}

Sunday: Recover

Now on to the real business-Did I meet last week’s goals?

Key to my madness: Plan {What actually happened}

Monday: Rest Day {Of course that happened as planned.}

Tuesday: 3 or 4 Mile Run {2 mile run around my apartment complex.}

Wednesday: 1 Mile + Go-To gym routine {5 Miles for #5bythe5th}

Thursday: 1 Mile + 20 Min Tabata Style Mix {I had a bad day in the office and decided to treat myself to a new cut and color.}

Friday: 7 Mile Run {hmmm…. I worked in the garden-counts right?}

Saturday: 15 Mile Bike Ride {22.58 mile bike ride- We found the best bike route ever this weekend. I will post about it someday.}

Sunday: Yoga {Short Pilates video and long walk browsing the outlet mall.}

IMG_2142I am in love with this SiMbi hair tie I won from Tanya!


One Response to “May 6-12 Goals”

  1. michele May 7, 2013 at 3:19 pm #

    I LOVE my hair ties!! They don’t pull as much as a regular ponytail holder, and they actually stay in for a run, although I did not expect that!

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