5K Turned RAD

5 May

I finally ran Color Me Rad’s 5K last weekend after missing every color related run last year due to training for my first half!  After spotting the race on a local race calendar, I told my running friends to get their white shirts ready!

What I enjoyed about the race…

1. The before and after pictures- We all had nice white t’shirts at the start line. After being pelted with colored dust clouds and rainbow sprays we crossed the finish line with wild tie-dyed shirts!

2. Everyone loves color-Color Me Rad gets everyone outside and ready to run! I loved seeing a diverse crowd at local races! The start line was packed with families and large groups of friends! We ran the race in 37 mins- a 3 min PR for one of the runners in my group! Woo Hoo!

3. After Party- Apparently April 28 is Color Me Rad’s birthday! The after party was packed with color waves, birthday cake, t’shirt giveaways, and fun music!


What I didn’t enjoy about the race…

1. Color in the mouth- Okay, so I totally get that clouds of colors equals a dirty mouth!


2. Wet color spray- Two of the color stations were not powder, but cold wet spray. The colors did turn out amazing, but they were cold!!!

3. Car ride home- I forgot to bring along a towel or change of clothes to protect my car seats! Luckly one of my friends was over prepared and let me borrow an extra towel.

Overall: I loved every minute of the Color Me Rad 5K and will probably sign up for the next race that lands in my little city!


Can I have a little color mixed into all of my short runs? Please?


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