Fab Friday

26 Apr

1. I can’t get enough of Moby this week.

2. Honda has an awesome car battery warranty! I woke up to a dead battery this week, but Honda replaced it for FREE! HONDA ROCKS! Honda salesmen also rock! Went car shopping after hours last night and a previous salesman email me today b/c he spotted me window shopping! Best customer service- He left me alone and remembered me from a visit several weeks ago!

3.  Always leave your leafy veggies in the bag= lesson learned for the week.

4. New running shoes are the best! I just upgraded to Mizuno Wave Inspire 9. I have less than twenty miles on them, so it is still early in the game. So far I am loving them!


5. #ShipYourPants- Just watch. No words needed to describe why this is Fab Friday feature.


One Response to “Fab Friday”

  1. Amy @ Writing While Running April 26, 2013 at 10:47 pm #

    I love my Wave Inspires! And I actually like your color better. Mine are super bright blue, so these are a bit more subdued 🙂

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