Not Really Tabata Tuesday- Stretching It Out

2 Apr

I’m finally back to normal life again! No more hotels, constant eating out, and daily free happy hours. Here are a few of my trip highlights!

Snow– It seemed to snow every day in Kansas City! Snow really starting falling Saturday night (of course) and kept us all locked up in the hotel lobby with games and drinks! The snow might have slowed down Saturday night, but it was beautiful!


New Friends– Two weeks in an unfamiliar city without knowing anyone helps create lasting friendships! Several of my coworkers traveled around the world to attend the same training. Many were from around the states, while others were from Korea, Italy, and Germany. I loved showing my new buds around the city!


Sunsets– I have  missed driving home while catching the Kansas/Oklahoma sunset views! There is a certain glow that you cannot find anywhere else! It is a sight to see if you have never traveled to the Kansas area! The beauty can’t be captured by a camera.


Marathon Registration– OMG I am running a MARATHON! You will soon be reading nothing but marathon training! I am still kind of shocked that I went for it! I will be running the Marine Corps Marathon Oct 27, 2013- Who’s running with me????

Not Really Tabata Tuesday

Now onto the whole point of my post- Tabata Tuesday. I am actually skipping the real Tabata Tuesday and stretching this week, but to keep with the theme I selected four stretches to help keep me limber for this weekend’s 10 Miler! I put my best judgement to the side and ran a rescheduled 10 Miler this weekend- after no real movement for two weeks + two 10 Miler weekends in a row- Ekk! My hamstrings are now screaming at me, they will be my main focus today! I found several stretches with helpful links- please checkout the links below before following my directions!

1.Tipover Tuck- Start by standing with your feet at hips width apart and interlacing your hands behind your back. Tip/bend forward and bring your hands over your head. Hold for 20-30 seconds and roll back to a standing position. I found this stretch on Fix Sugar along with several others.

2. Legs up the wall- Basically you prop your legs up and let the wall do all the work! This is probably one of my favorite hamstring stretches. You can find detailed instructions here and here.

3.Step Stretch- You will feel this stretch in your hams and lower back also. Simply stand at the bottom of the stairs with one foot on the bottom stair. Keep your leg slightly bent and lean forward. Click here for more detailed instructions.

4. Seated Hamstring Stretch- Sit with one leg extended and the other bent at the knee with the foot touching the inside of the straight leg (got that haha). Reach for your extended foot while keeping your back flat and leg straight. Dr. Joe has a great how to video here (This stretch starts around 3:10)

I am hoping I can loosen up a bit and knock the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler out of the park! You can follow and cheer me on via twitter, I will be posting the real time race results as they happen! Follow me @SlowLaneRun!

Are you racing this weekend?

Any stretching advice?

PS- I returned home to a mail box packed with goodies to try and review! Reviews coming soon: SwiftWick Socks, Bulu Box, Quest Bars, and Nuun Drink Mix!


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