I Like To Move It-Move It

17 Feb

Instead of packing for the Disney Princess Half like many others, I packed and moved my whole house! Don’t worry I will be packing my bags soon for next weekend’s trip to Disney! I’m beyond excited [and you are beyond excited to read ] about Disney, the race, my personal cheerleader aka Mom, and the warm weather. BUT first I must move…


Empty House

Due to my major dislike of packing/procrastination my Saturday was spent throwing my things into boxes. Luckily the weather in VA was absolutely miserable, so I was forced inside to enjoy a date with boxes and tape! I was hoping to squeeze in one more run around the city, but the weather did not mix well with the running gear not already packed- major bummer, but I will be back in April for The Monument 10k!

Almost Packed

image-8I totally forgot the No Parking signs- oops.

The weekend wasn’t a total lost due to moving! Friday night included  dinner and music with friends- such a random night, but we all had a good time. Saturday also included a haircut and an unexpected color. I have found my dream hair girl- she just gets my hair- and I had to make one last visit for a few months! She is sweet enough to offer her Sundays for future visits while I am visiting Richmond- Yay!


Boys and Banjos

So ladies… am I the only one not packed for next weekend’s Disney Princess Half? 


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