Working Girl Issues…

30 Jan

40 Hours Per Week Sitting

We spend hours-days-months-years staring at computers and key boards and SITTING ON OUR BUTTS! I am no fitness or health expert, but I do know all this sitting can’t be good for us.

Examples from a quick google search-

1. SOS! Stop Sitting     2. Cuts Years Off Your Life     3. Worse than Smoking?



Ways to fight the chair

1. Take Breaks– I try to walk around every hour when possible. Peeling myself from the office chair at least once an hour is an awesome stretch and mental break! Can’t get out of the office- try these Mayo Clinic Office Stretches.

2. Exercise Ball Desk Chair- Kick the chair to the curb! I decided to ditch the ball after reading about the tolls the body pays while making a living.  According to sitting on the ball provides the following benefits: better posture-stronger core-inspration to stretch.


Welcome to my office

3. Others- Sorry but I find these funny.

Desk Cycle:Worth a try-I can only imagine the coworker looks. haha

Treadmill Desk: I want to try-how do you think/work/get anything done while walking???


Tell me about your office routine that gets you moving and out of the office chair ???

-Amanda @SlowLaneRun


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