Weekend Plans Vs. SNOW

25 Jan

It’s the WEEKEND!

PreSnow Weekend Plans

PreRace Dinner- Friday night is race prep! Chris, Adam, and I are headed to pick up our packets for tomorrow’s race after work! I absolutely love packet pick-up- Runner’s Christmas! After scoping out the race goodies we will grab a quick bite at Chipotle! I must have a burrito bowl before every race-It’s my thing! Rice. Protein. Veggies-What’s not to love?

10-Mile Run for the Heart-Saturday’s plans include  a brisk there and back run along the historic Yorktown Battlefield touring roads. The there and back run is super small-only 115 runners! Hope I am not the last one to cross the finish line! I have never ran a race this small- any pointers to help a slow runner out?

Bev’s Brownie– My favorite ice cream shop has been on  a winter break since Christmas- CRAZY! Of course I have wanted nothing other than their famous Bev’s Brownie for the past few weeks! BEST. BROWNIE. EVER! So happening this weekend!

Church at the Byrd– Sunday Funday will include a morning trip to the Byrd for church! Love my Church. Check it out if you ever find yourself in Richmond, VA!

 Image 2

And the snow starts to fall…

Image 1

Guess I did ask for snow…

Post Snow Weekend Plans

PreRace Dinner- Still on! Once the traffic clears we are all hitting the road to dinner and a game of bowling.

10-Mile Run for the Heart- Cancelled. New running plans coming soon…

Bev’s Brownie- The Brownie. Race Cancelled. Hmmm. If the road to Richmond clears-Yeah-why not! You would totally understand if I could share just one tasty bite!

Church at the Byrd- Real question. Test out a local Hampton Roads church or stick to what we know and love?


SneakPeak: Adam’s photo shoot for Self Magazine diet… I will tell you more in 6 weeks!

Your Turn

What are your weekend running plans? Any tasty post-run treats?


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