First Post Jitters

18 Jan

Dear Future Stalkers Followers

I am having a case of the first post jitters, WHAT DO I SAY?   Let me just start by introducing myself. Blogger friends you may call me Amanda or @SlowLaneRun! I am a lover of a boy, running, 11:30 pace groups, healthy lunches, and chocolate chip cookies.  If I love it, I will probably tell you all about it!

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 7.04.12 PMMile 13 of my 1st Half (Don’t worry there will be post about the race.)

Photo on 9-11-11 at 3.50 PM

The Boy  and I. I know we are so cute.

Why Blog?

My goal is to pass on the insane amount of inspiration I have gained through stalking following others’  healthy lifestyle journeys. You will find all my inspiration listed under Blog Roll (Add you? Just let me know).

Why Slow.Lane.Runner?

I love running, but I am SLOW. 11:30 pace groups are my favorite! And- yes I have finished a race almost dead last, but I am still running!

What to expect from @SlowLaneRun

Life Adventures. Race Reviews. Training Updates. Food Pictures. Blog Roll. AND so much more!


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